I am a professor in ethnology at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Sweden, and also a free lance radio producer and musician. As an ethnologist I have written a whole lot, on music, dance, ethnicity, multiculture, age, heritage, revival and islands, and I have produced a film, on Calus, a dance and music ritual in Rumania. Since 2009 I am a member of the Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy for Swedish Folk Culture. I have also produced several hundred radio broadcasts for Swedish Radio, on music from around the world. In the series Mimer i P2, I explored the world’s sounding aspect in over 100 programs. I am also active as a musician, in the bands Orientexpressen, Gunnfjauns kapell, and as director of Gotlands Balalajkaorkester. For BelleSounds – the world’s largest live concert, broadcasted in Swedish Radio 8 juni 2013 and subsequently in 10 more countries- I was 2014 awarded with Prix Italia, the radio world’s most prestigious price.


On this site, I have collected a great deal of what I have written and recorded. You are welcome to share it, download, order, look, read and listen, for your own personal use. You may spread the texts and you may cite or briefly quote them, if you, in line with the usual academic conventions, observe the practices of academic citation. You may not in any way change or for commercial purposes or gain use my texts, pictures or music without my explicit permission. Read the license terms.


This site is in Swedish, but most of it is non-language specific, so finding what you are looking for shouldn’t be too hard. Browse the categories in the menu to the right or via the translated list below.

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